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Q - How long will it take to receive my order?

A - If the items you ordered are in stock, they will ship the next day.  If not, it can take up to a week for your order to be shipped. We bake several flavors per day. It takes 1 week to bake all our flavors. Frosted treats take 4 days to make, so they can take longer.

Q - Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, etc? Yes we do, but it is not yet set up on our shipping menu. Contact us at to place an order. We'll be happy to ship our treats to you. There is an additional shipping charge. No handling charge. Our standard shipping charge does not apply. 

Q - What is the shelf life of your treats?

A - The shelf life of our treats is 6 months. The "Best by' date is on the bottom of each bag. We bake daily in small batches, so our treats are sent fresh to you.


Q - Can I buy several bags and freeze them?

A - Yes, our treats freeze very well. Just put the unopened bags in the freezer. When you want to thaw them, put them on the counter overnight. They'll be perfectly thawed. You can buy several bags at a time, open 1 and freeze the rest, so you'll never run out. Do not put our treats in the refrigerator. 

Q - Why does my dog love your treats so much?


A - It's probably because our treats are very light and crunchy. We roll our dough by hand, and bake in special ovens, which causes our fluffy dough to gently rise, making little air bubbles that give them our signature light crunchy texture. Most other treats are dense & hard like rocks. Also, we bake a lot of flavor into our treats.

Q - I'd like to carry your treats in my store. Do you sell wholesale to retailers?

A - Yes, we sell to many of the best dog boutiques, retailers and gourmet markets in the US. To set up a wholesale account contact us at

Any other questions? Contact us at  


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